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welcome to our site. Hair extension is adding hair into your hair by weaving, braiding, or any means necessary. we are professional hair stylist. We have mastered what is already known and capable of using creativity and logic to create new styles.
some of our favourite styles are date back to accent cultures. Hair braiding is an ancient art which originated from ancient Egypt. And, it is a social art because women tend to socialize due to the time it takes to braid a woman's hair.
Whether you need a full day of relaxation and a completely new hairstyle , you’ll find it here, check out our services, and call us to make an appointment now.

As we promised, we will ensure that our customers are as comfortable as possible and we will continue to provide services unlike nobody else. Check for a sneak peek of our shop.

Our Everday First time Discount

we offer 10% discout for our fisrt time customers for the following hair type.

micro mentwist sengalese twists singles


Address :5257 El Cajon BLVD San Diego, California 92115. Phone: (619) 957- 4575.

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